AATO – Accessible Auto Transport Operations

System Design for sharing auto-rickshaws in Mumbai, India.


Manohar Desai, Symbiosis Institute of Design;

Rupesh Vyas, National Institute of Design


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Winner of the Adobe Design Against Corruption ChallengeTop 10 National Entries at India Future of Change Contest and

Top 10 National Entries at India Future of Change Contest and Indialogues Conference 2011.



Mumbai adds more than five hundred vehicles to its narrow streets every day; it would be inaccurate to refer to the busiest commuting time as the rush hour because traffic moves at a sorry twelve kilometers per hour. Despite this, the majority of transport investment in recent decades has gone into the road system rather than into new public transport initiatives. Though construction had started on the first phase of a new metro railway system between Andheri and Ghatkopar, work seems to be progressing very slowly.

A new system to promote sharing auto rickshaws has been designed that helps save time, money and effort of commuters to travel. It cuts down on corruption points prevalent in the auto rickshaw domain in Mumbai, India and makes it a user-friendly and independent system.

What I did

  • System Design
  • Research
  • Publication