Adobe Sensei Creative Assistant

What Advances in Artificial Intelligence mean for Creators & the Creative Process

In the realm of creativity, AI complements human intelligence and creativity, opening up new avenues for creative expression. AI is all about identifying and following patterns. Human creativity is all about breaking existing patterns and designing new ones. When you bring those two concepts together, marrying the greatest strengths of machines and humans, the stage is set for a new kind of creative process — one that empowers creative professionals to push the limits of their creative vision.

AI could be your Assistant, Teacher, or Muse

In a recent study by Pfeiffer Consulting commissioned by Adobe, 74% of creative professionals said they spend more than half their time on repetitive, uncreative tasks. As your creative assistant, AI automates many of those tasks, enabling you to focus on the creative work that lets your talents shine. What that means is that AI is no longer just a method of automating tools for specific tasks. It’s becoming a problem-solving partner.

As your teacher, AI could show you which tool to use to create a particular kind of effect. Based on the sequence of tools you’ve used, AI could infer your intent and suggest a technique or feature that might be helpful to you as a next step. It could also nudge you toward training videos and other resources that could help you develop new skills.

As your muse, AI could provide inspiration. Based on what it knows about your goals and the assets you’re working with, it could offer other images or video snippets to get your creative juices flowing. AI could be an amazing brainstorming partner. Because it can generate 1,000 variations on a concept in virtually no time, it could dramatically expand your set of options. Then when you select your preferred example, AI would make additional variations based on that choice.

Breaking the rules

Creative professionals said their main concern with AI is that it might lead to homogenized outputs — all the work will look the same, which would devalue their skills in the marketplace. The study showed most creatives aren’t worried that AI will make their jobs obsolete, but rather that AI might deliver mediocrity at scale.

Pablo Picasso famously said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

The human ultimately decides. How you interact with AI is up to you. It’s human to break the mold — a machine alone can’t do that. AI could be your assistant, teacher, and muse. Discover how it will fit into your creative process.


What I learnt

  • User Intent
  • Talent Suggestions
  • User Journeys
  • Sketches & Storyboards
  • AI-ML Research
  • User Experience Framework
  • Global Team Collaboration