Brandless – A Photo Essay


D. J. Matthew, National Institute of Design.


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Brandless – The Publication



A coffee table book compiling the collection of photographs clicked manually with a 35mm film camera exploring colored as well as the black and white film which is losing its existence in today’s fast paced world.



Today, the pure power of deep skin cleansing and a strong spurt of a mouthful of frothy, pasty plaque fighting protection is indispensable when we begin our day. The aroma of re-sealable packs of Bru and strong slurps of Nescafe at nights demarcate are insomniac activities and the break of dawn.

The lather of the soft creamy ‘bathing bars’ to therapy healing shower gels make us squeaky clean. From the checkered Burberry Brits to the chocolate boy Axe’s, we smell well but smell no different.

We consume cholesterol free oil, yet we gorge on ghee smeared parathas and motichur laddoos. We run with pace on the treadmill with the iPod plugged in, yet we climb briskly on escalators and press elevator buttons repeatedly. The low cuts and the slim fits we like to flaunt after ogling at mannequins behind glass walls, not quite thinking that the same pair might look hideous if not well fitted.

The khus syrup has given way to Breezers, the nimbu pani to LMN. The subtleness of All India Radio has been stung by the hotness of Mirchi. Even Floyd’s rhythm, Metallica’s beats, and Beatles melody trapped incompatible discs are being released openly by the green ‘mu’.

We have become comfortably numb.

Who are we?

We are today’s consumers. The lifeline of today’s brands.

What I did

  • Photography
  • Publication Design