InDesign: Add Images to Tables

Easily add images to table-based layouts in InDesign

The Problem:

In the previous releases of InDesign, placing images inside table cells was not an easy task. Images were added as inline graphics that had to be tweaked to fit the cell and were hard to resize.


Feature Description:

With the release of InDesign CC 2015, in table cells ‘Graphic cells’ were introduced along with the already existing ‘Text cells’. In ‘Graphic cells’ users can easily and precisely place images in table cells and style them, just as text can be styled.


Workflow Details:

1. Converting a Text cell to a Graphic cell.

2. Placing an image into the Graphic cell.

3. Merging Graphic cells.

4. Customizing and applying effects to Graphic cells

What I did

  • User Research
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Development Collaboration


  • Johnny Hoffman