InDesign Publish Online

Publishing and sharing InDesign documents online

Feature Description:

Publish Online lets you publish any InDesign document online and share it on social networks, email, or as a standalone URL. You can also embed the document in any web page or blog.

The HTML version of your document can be viewed on all modern desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, providing a beautiful and simple online reading experience.

The online document also supports all the interactivity included in the InDesign document including video, audio, and animation.


Workflow Details:

  1. Open Publish Online
  2. Set up the InDesign document
  3. Publish the document
  4. View and share the document
  5. Manage the published documents
  6. Get analytics about the published document


My contribution:

  1. Designed the main Publish dialog for the feature.
  2. Designed the discoverability workflows for the Publish Online feature in InDesign. This included the FTUE (First Time User Experience) and notifications for the feature.
  3. Worked on the Embed Widget
  4. Designed the Analytics dashboard for the feature


What I did

  • User Research
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Workflow Detailing
  • Development Collaboration