Poetry Workshop – We All Die and Become Architecture


Christine Herzer, National Institute of Design.


‘Form will not constrict, or alienate, but will set something in motion’ – Lisa Robertson, Utopia.

We were  introduced to the definitions of poetry, what poetry can do in understanding our floating world; we were made to experience how making / building language might be similar to designing and introduced to works by Jenny Boully, Bhanu Kapil & Lisa Robertson excite & create a humble atmosphere and how these works might be inspirational in the context of design, ie challenge our perception of how things ‘should’ look like, embrace uncertainty. This was the most enriching experience I have had at National Institute of Design. Poetry is liberation for me.


To encourage out of the box–thinking

To find value in strangeness, difficulty

To practice Creative Expression.


  • Branding
  • Print
  • Web Design