The Dengue Project


Rupesh Vyas, National Institute of Design.


Documentation link:

The Dengue Project Process Document


In association with:

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and National Institute of Design.



Featured by Ahmedabad Mirror and VTV Networks

Video Link: VTV Gujarati – The Dengue Project



The project aimed to study the present methods that the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in Gujarat were taking to help preventing the disease Dengue from spreading across Ahmedabad and to design a health intervention package that would essentially communicate the messages that would help in Dengue Prevention in the city.

As a result packaging for organic herbal mosquito repellant sticks were proposed as a solution to be distributed to residences during the Dengue health intervention drives. A communication planning system was undertaken on how the mosquito repellant sticks would be carried to households and delivered with important messages to prevent Dengue would be highlighted on the packaging.

What I did

  • System Design
  • Illustration
  • Packaging